Hopi Ear Candles £20

Length of treatment is 45 minutes. Hopi ear candles is a very relaxing treatment and can aid ear and sinus conditions.

One ear candle is placed in each ear in turn and is then lit.  As the candle burns they work as a gentle vacuum to draw out impurities. Each candle takes 10 to 15 minutes and it is then followed by a face massage.

Before the treatment your clothes, hair and eyes will be covered by towels and you would have a blanket placed on you.

During the treatment you may think that the candles sound like sizzling bacon or pouring rain and it may occasionally crackle this is normal.

Each candle has a safety line which I do not burn below and these candles are not wax so they do not drip. Each Ear Candle is a hollow tube and made from a organically grown flax candles.  The Ear candles contain a plastic filter which prevents candle residue and soft earwax falling back into the ear canal.

The ear candles contain natural Beeswax as it does not run or drip when lit, it is a antiseptic, anti flammatory and fights infection. Honey extracts – helps slow down the burning time of the candles and the honey is known to help hayfever suffers. There is also a blend of herbs in the candle of camomile, sage, st.johns wort, Beta Caratone, Essential Oils.

Benefits of Hopi Ear candles are relief of congestion such as headaches, sinus problems, compacted or excessive wax, mild hearing loss, blocked eustachian tubes, glue ear in children, irritation in the ear, migraine, colds and flu. sore throats, simmers ear and flying problemsFully equipped treatment room

Requirements and preparing for the treatment

This treatment is suitable for all ages. As this treatment is performed on a massage couch and in each ear, you need to be able to comfortably lay on each side

To prepare for the treatment I would recommend wearing comfortable clothing.

Clipping or tying your hair back away from your face

No make up, jewellery or glasses to be worn

I will bring all the equipment to you, all I would require from yourself is my glass filled with water to extinguish the candles in

Each set of ear candles come it is own hygienic bag which is opened at the start of the treatment



Following a treatment you may experience a dry mouth and throat and a running nose.

I would advise to put a towel on your pillow at night.

You should avoid getting water in your ears for a least 24 hours

Drink plenty of water

Try to rest and relax


  1. Jackie on November 5, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Hi would this treatment help with Tinnitus ? Thanks

    • Nicola on December 7, 2018 at 9:21 pm

      Hi Jackie it would depend on the Tinnitus and what is causing it. If is is due to a build up of wax it may assist.

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