Journey into Nail Treatments

Training in Spa Manicure and Pedicure

During training in Swedish Massage I decided my next course to attend would be for Nails. It was an easy decision to train in natural nail treatments as I had always enjoyed experimenting on nails. I found a course in the local town of Wickford that was over a weekend. In September 2007 I attended the 2 day course and then went on to practice and complete case studies.

My training included theory in the anatomy of the hands, feet and nails.  Practical treatments of basic reshape and polish, a spa manicure and pedicure and applying luxury treatments such as masques, warm oil and paraffin wax.  The products used for training was Creative Nail Design (now know as CND).  The course price included a basic kit and on completing the course we had the opportunity to buy the larger kit. I like spa products and nail polishes, so purchased the bigger kits so I could practice on friends and family. I have continued to purchase some of these products since completing the course.

Training in CND Shellac

In 2013 I started to hear about  gel polish and CND Shellac. This was a nail polish which was dried under a lap, lasts for 2 weeks with no chipping or smudging. I wasn’t sure about training further in nails but decided that clients required this new treatment and that it would last longer then normal polish. In 2014 I decided to explore Gel Polish application courses, CND shellac, prices of the products and equipment. I was drawn to the CND Shellac polishes as I soon learnt that it was the same make that I had originally trained with.

I enrolled on a one day course and applied for a wholesale account online,  who  sold CND Shellac.  To be able to purchase CND equipment and polishes I had to prove I held a valid manicure and pedicure qualification as they only sell to professionals.

Once I completed the course I came stright home and practiced my nails and family.  This treatment soon go added to my price list.manicure and pedicure nail treatments

Top Tips for longer lasting nails

  • Use cuticle and nail oil once a day on your nails and surrounding area to help to prolong the look and keep your nails hydrated.
  • Wear rubber gloves when cleaning and washing up to stop your nails from softening
  • Have gel polish removed by a professional nail technician and do not pick as it may cause damage to your natural nails
  • Do not use your nails as tools as can cause chipping or damage to your nails such as breaking
  • Use hand cream after washing your hands to add moisture back to your skin

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