Swedish Massage from £10

This deep tissue massage can aid with muscle tension and movement, stress and relaxation and your lymphatic and circulatory systems. The routine is a combination of effleurage (gentle gliding movements), tapotenent (Cupping, hacking and pinchment), kneading and Friction movements.

Being a mobile therapist I would establish on first contact the space you have for a couch. Your chosen room could be a lounge, conservatory, dining room or kitchen.

During the consultation we would discuss your requirements and I will tailor the treatment to meet your needs. I use natural oils for my treatment of grape seed or wheat germ or massage wax.

Since initially training I have qualified in advance techniques and acupressure chair massage, I often incorporate these movements into my routine.

I bring everything required which includes the Couch, clean towels, clean blanket, paper couch roll, oils and relaxing music.

Fully equipped treatment room

Getting the most from Massage

Before having a treatment it is best to avoid having a large meal and tea/coffee.

Wear loose comfortable clothing. Remove jewellery and glasses

Have a glass of water ready for after the treatment

Following any massage it is always best to rest and relax to aid relaxation, drink water to encourage the detox and avoid stimulants such as tea, coffee and alcohol.

Prices for Swedish massage

Different parts of the body can be massaged and below are some combinations with the prices.

Body – legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck £30

Back £20

Face and Head  £15

Foot and Lower Leg £12.50

Hand and Lower Arm £10

As I offer many other treatments, which can compliment each other I can create a pampering experience.  Therefore special offers and add ons are available and can be found at www.facebook.com/holistictherapiesbynicola

I offer a variety of days and times for my treatment which can be accommodated around your schedule. I understand that if you have young children at home you may need to attend to them before or after a treatment or sometimes during.

For more information about my journey to become a therapist please see my blog called my journey- Swedish massage

To book an appointment or for more information ring 07875018860 or email info@www.holistictherapiesbynicola.co.uk




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